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Don't forget! The Ocean Park Beautification Committee presents "The Value of Trees" Presentation at the OP Hall this thursday at 7:30pm. Our speakers include City of Surrey staff who will present and answer questions. Come out and find out how you can help preserve the beauty and heritage of Ocean Park. ... See MoreSee Less

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One of our finest establishments is hiring! ... See MoreSee Less

[EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES] Due to our community's ever growing support we have new positions available for servers and cooks. We offer flexible hours, extended health & dental benefits, and competitiv...

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The Orchard keeps getting more beautiful! 👌🏻 ... See MoreSee Less

Another new sign! Thank you City of Surrey, the Honeybee Centre, Sources, and the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation for supporting our bee garden!

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Sip and Shop in Ocean Park on August 24th! :) ... See MoreSee Less

🛍Sip n' Shop! A Girls Night Out! 🌸THURSDAY AUGUST 24th🌸 Enjoy a fun night of shopping in Ocean Park Village, finishing off with a wine pairing in our store! Space limited to 10 people per st...

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August 17 Mark your Calendars! We've got a great line up at the Hall. Did you know you're not allowed to plant trees that will get this tall again in Surrey? ... See MoreSee Less

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A visitor spotted at the Ocean Park Community Orchard! ... See MoreSee Less

An unexpected visitor to the orchard. Thanks to my friend Kerry for stopping to take the photos!

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Message from another resident:

We are looking for care for our 2 kids (7 & 10) in September and for the School year. The kids are self-sufficient and really just need supervision once home from school. Looking for someone who can be at the house around 3:00 to meet the kids until I am home around 5 pm (kids will walk home).
Excellent for a high school student looking to make some extra money with little commitment. Monday to Thursdays. Email for more details.
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Message from a local resident: If you live on 128th street/Marine Drive and are concerned about speeding vehicles and motorcycles the only way we will get speed monitoring is if we all call into the non-emergency police line when it happens.

We are all aware 128th street is a cruising route with this type of activity peaking in the summer, however, it is also a residential neighborhood with plenty of kids riding bikes and crossing the street. A little respect for our neighbourhood would be appreciated. Please call if you see this type of activity.

Non-emergency line: 604-599-0502
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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Update on Ocean Park Community Association Emergency Preparedness Plan

The Ocean Park Community Association Emergency Preparedness Plan Subcommittee held its first meeting in December 2015. The initial focus for the group will be earthquake preparedness, especially the post-earthquake response. Discussions are focused on primary risk areas in the area, and the review of several earthquake plans from other communities. From now until May, the subcommittee will meet monthly, and aims to have a plan ready to present for May 7, the last day of Emergency Preparedness Week. In the coming months, look for the subcommittee to reach out to the Ocean Park community to help fill the roles identified the plan: response coordinator, medics, communications, construction/structural assessment, meals and food, emergency lodging.

In the meantime please feel free to check out our Emergency Preparedness Resources. 


Kwomais Park Update

In November 2015 the Ocean Park Community Association and members of the Ocean Park public met with the City of Surrey to discuss the additional parking lot and traffic changes coming to Kwomais Park.

During that meeting we were informed that the additional parking lot for Kwomais Park would be scaled down in size and would only be open during special events, like weddings. Another point that was made is the City is looking to use a surface material other than asphalt that could be used for other purposes when the parking lot is not in use. 

Do you spend time in Kwomais Park? And if so, what do you think the other purposes for this parking lot could be? We want to hear from you! Please email us at if you have any suggestions we can forward to the City of Surrey.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 4.56.31 PM

Look to Connect in the New Year!

The Ocean Park Community Association has been very busy in 2015 working an a new membership program designed to continue to engage with the community in a meaningful and relevant way. We look forward to sharing this new program with you in the New Year! Until then have a very Merry Christmas and a very happy holiday season.


Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 12.38.01 PM

Mail Box Theft

A local resident notified us of an early morning Canada Post mail box break-in. Read the original message here:

“I heard a noisy car in our culdesac before 7am and my daughter heard noises shortly after. When she looked out there were two guys opening the boxes on our mailbox. When I went out they were gone but all the box doors were open. We called police and they came by patrolling. Also notified Canada Post. So let people know to be vigilant if you hear or see something unusual, take note or call police!”

Please call the Surrey RCMP non-emergency line if you see or hear anything suspicious – 604.599.0502.

Please feel free to print and laminate this Mailbox Theft Prevention Notice provided to the public by the Surrey RCMP to post on  your communal mail box.


Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 8.00.18 AM


Update on Public Info Meeting for CD Zoning | Kwomais Point Zone 2

Wednesday night, December 9th was the CD Zoning Meeting for Area was held at the Ocean Park Hall. The group of residents leading the proposal will reconvene in the New Year with the City to make any amendments as there were some good recommendations to possibly improve the original proposal. There was also interest in looking at other creative ways to save the trees if the proposal passes.

Next steps: City meeting to make amendments to proposal; then a voting ballot will be mailed out to residents with changes.

If you are interested in learning more about the proposal please email




Suspicious Person

The following message was received from a local resident who witnessed a suspicious person in the Ocean Park Village on Wednesday. 

“On Wednesday afternoon at about 4:40pm Mike and I were shopping at Ocean Park Village at the corner of 16th avenue and 128th street. While we were exiting Rexall drugs, Mike noticed a male standing on the sidewalk who looked out of place. Mike went around to the back of the vehicle and I went around the back with him to put some items we purchased into the hatch. As I walk around to the passenger side with my purse in hand, Mike noticed the male watching me and moving in my direction. Mike then made himself visible to the male from around the back of the car. Once the male saw Mike, he stopped immediately and began standing “awkwardly” like he was trying to look natural.

The male continued standing there while we got into our vehicle. Mike then noticed two young females about 13 or 14 years old walk around the corner toward the breezeway, which went to the alley between the Library and Starbucks. The male turned his back to the females and once they were well passed him, he turned to follow behind them through the breezeway. We drove around the building and observed the females travelling Northbound toward 128th street. The male was focussed on them and following about 30 meters behind. The male ducked into a bush area behind Coast Capital savings and took off the red hoodie he was wearing and placed it into the bush. He then continued following the females Northbound on 128th.

Mike and I drove ahead of the girls and pulled into a townhouse complex to wait for them to pass. Mike told me to warn the girls that they were being followed, so I got out and approached them. By this time, the male had closed the distance on the two girls and was now only about 5 metres behind them. I warned them and they turned around to look… the male then ducked off into a driveway and hid. The girls went home a few doors down and we watched them enter a house. We then turned around, only to see this male reappear and turn back Southbound on128th street toward Safeway. He retrieved his hoodie from the bush and we believe he was now aware he was being followed. He walked back into the alley behind Safeway where we lost sight of him.

Mike called the RCMP and they came and did patrols. Mike spoke with the member at the location and advised him of the situation. I went into Starbucks and told the staff to be on the lookout for this male and gave a description. They told me that a male matching that description was in the area a week prior and someone had called the police on him as well, although they did not know the circumstances of the complaint. The staff said they would speak to their manager about getting cameras in the rear of the Starbucks because they have had property stolen from the back of the building recently.

What is REALLY REALLY creepy about this situation, is that he followed the girls who had nothing visible to steal. He also ditched his clothing to try and change his appearance… possibly to do something and then put the red hoodie back on after the fact. Mike initially thought he might be trying to steal a purse or bag, but clearly, he might have been up to something much worse. In any event, let your kids know to walk in groups and be aware of their surroundings at all times. You never know what can happen. A description of this male is as follows:

White male/19 to 23 years old/thin build/dirty blonde hair/appeared clean shaven/approximately 6′ to 6’1 tall/red hoodie/dark jeans

Sorry if this is long winded, but I had to give this some context to appreciate the incident.

Feel free to repost so that we can spread the word.”

Please remember if you see anything  or anyone that seems out of place please report the incident to the Surrey RCMP non-emergency phone line at 604-599-0502.

Photos from our 2nd Annual Winter Wonderland at Ocean Park Hall

Take a look at some of the photos from our annual Christmas event here. And stay tuned for next year’s event – it’s going to be even better!


Mrs. Claus telling stories

Thank You!

Another great community event was had this past Sunday at our 2nd Annual Winter Wonderland at Ocean Park Hall. We are so grateful to local businesses who are so generous and of course the hard work of the Ocean Park Community Association board members and our event

sponsor, Dr. Coby Cragg and his crew!


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.52.36 AM

Downzoning Public Info Meeting December 9th

A public information meeting in regards to the re-zoning of Kwomais Point Zone 2 will take place on December 9th at 7:00 p.m. at the Ocean Park Hall in order to gauge the level of support for the proposal. The City of Surrey will be on hand as a resource and to answer any technical questions about draft rezoning provisions and respond to any questions about the rezoning process. 


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