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Mark your calendars! Some great shopping is coming up thanks to the ladies Purely Local! ... See MoreSee Less

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Another great Purely Local market coming up! ... See MoreSee Less

This line up 👌 Kwomais Lodge in South Surrey September 30th 10-3

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The Ocean Park Hall is a great venue to celebrate your special milestones, staff parties, and even birthday parties! Recently renovated and great rates.

Go to for more info!
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Ocean Parkers out to help Save Hawthorne Park. Please take a minute to sign the petition or learn about the issue at save surrey ... See MoreSee Less

Ocean Park stands with Hawthorne!

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Get your game on at Ethical Addiction Apparel tomorrow! ... See MoreSee Less

Reminder: 🏉Tomorrow is Seahawks game day! vs the San Francisco 49ers! Come down and join in on the fun! Game starts at 1:15! Go hawks Go!🏉

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Free community presentation taking place at the Ocean Park Hall (1577 128th Street) on September 29:


How to Help Your Kid Make it to University Despite
Our School System and Education Culture" with Education Mentor Dr. Redouane Fakir, a Canadian Astrophysicist and Quantum Cosmologist, PhD in physics-cosmology, UBC
MSc in physics-astrophysics, Université de Montreal.

BOOK YOUR SEATS FREE NOW at or TEXT 778-231-7446
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Lenka's Way of Lace Artisan Studio welcomes everybody to an informal exhibition in the Ocean Park Community Hall, this Saturday, September 16, from 11am to 5pm.

Stop by to see a display of unique lace art - sculptures, wall pieces and wearable art - created right here, in your neighbourhood!
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If you enjoy live music in your own community, you'll want to support the Legion of Sound fundraiser on September 30th! Jill at Romancing the Home is selling tickets for the event. ... See MoreSee Less

Ocean Park Peeps - Jill is selling tickets for us from her store Romancing the Home at 1637 - 128th Street, Ocean Park Village! And she is running a fun little ****🎉 CONTEST🎉 **** Buy your ...

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Ocean Park History

What’s in a Name?

In 1905, a former Methodist Minister, then real estate promoter, W. Pasco Goard. obtained 136 acres, located from Broatch Road (130 Street) to the east, North Bluff Road (16 Avenue) north, and the waterfront. He divided this land and sold five-acre blocks to a number of men who became known as the Syndicate. Mr. Goard’s wife suggested the name Ocean Park (the name originally only appliedto this property). The borders were later expanded to Sunnyside Road (24 Avenue) north. Bergstrom Road (136 Street) east, and the waterfront south and west.

The First School

Early settler Ben Stevenson acquired some 350 acres in Ocean Park on which there was built a large house. Many years later this house was occupiedby St. George’s private school and was eventually destroyed by fire. In 1916, Mr. Stevenson donatedland for the first school in Ocean Park. Today this school is known as the Crescent Park Elementary School Annex at 24 Avenue and Ocean Park Road.

Railway Station & Post Office

Ben Stevenson gave the right-of-way to the then-Great Northern Railroad, where upon the railroad agreed to put in a trestle for residents to cross safely to the beach. With the coming of the railway in 1909, people got off at the Crescent Beach Station and then hiked two miles to Ocean Park. The railway refused to open a station at Ocean Park, and so in 1912,residents built a small station structure at the foot of the hill. Soon after this, a once-daily flag stop service began at Ocean Park Station.

In 1922, F.S. Pratt opened the first post office in Ocean Park. The six by six foot prefabricated structure, located at the southeast corner of North Bluff Road (16 Avenue) and Ocean Park Road (l26A Street), became famous for being the ‘smallest post office in the world’. The mail bags were exchanged at the Station. Before this the mail had to be brought in from Crescent Beach.

Download the Special Heritage Edition of the Ocean Parker for an in-depth look into the history of the Ocean Park Village.


16th Ave. (North Bluff Rd.) Looking west to 128th St.(Stevenson Rd.) intersection. On the left is Ocean Park Pizza and on the right the entrance to the current Safeway Parking Lot.
The old Ocean Park Pizza & Steak House as most would remember it in the 70’s. In October 2003 this facility was replaced with the “Village Pub”. The orginal Ocean Park Pizza and Steak House was founded over 30 years ago by Costa and Maria Docolas with the commitment to serving superior “home cooking” at affordable prices.