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Don't forget! The Ocean Park Beautification Committee presents "The Value of Trees" Presentation at the OP Hall this thursday at 7:30pm. Our speakers include City of Surrey staff who will present and answer questions. Come out and find out how you can help preserve the beauty and heritage of Ocean Park. ... See MoreSee Less

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One of our finest establishments is hiring! ... See MoreSee Less

[EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES] Due to our community's ever growing support we have new positions available for servers and cooks. We offer flexible hours, extended health & dental benefits, and competitiv...

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The Orchard keeps getting more beautiful! 👌🏻 ... See MoreSee Less

Another new sign! Thank you City of Surrey, the Honeybee Centre, Sources, and the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation for supporting our bee garden!

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Sip and Shop in Ocean Park on August 24th! :) ... See MoreSee Less

🛍Sip n' Shop! A Girls Night Out! 🌸THURSDAY AUGUST 24th🌸 Enjoy a fun night of shopping in Ocean Park Village, finishing off with a wine pairing in our store! Space limited to 10 people per st...

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August 17 Mark your Calendars! We've got a great line up at the Hall. Did you know you're not allowed to plant trees that will get this tall again in Surrey? ... See MoreSee Less

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A visitor spotted at the Ocean Park Community Orchard! ... See MoreSee Less

An unexpected visitor to the orchard. Thanks to my friend Kerry for stopping to take the photos!

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Message from another resident:

We are looking for care for our 2 kids (7 & 10) in September and for the School year. The kids are self-sufficient and really just need supervision once home from school. Looking for someone who can be at the house around 3:00 to meet the kids until I am home around 5 pm (kids will walk home).
Excellent for a high school student looking to make some extra money with little commitment. Monday to Thursdays. Email for more details.
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Message from a local resident: If you live on 128th street/Marine Drive and are concerned about speeding vehicles and motorcycles the only way we will get speed monitoring is if we all call into the non-emergency police line when it happens.

We are all aware 128th street is a cruising route with this type of activity peaking in the summer, however, it is also a residential neighborhood with plenty of kids riding bikes and crossing the street. A little respect for our neighbourhood would be appreciated. Please call if you see this type of activity.

Non-emergency line: 604-599-0502
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Community Issues

Public Information Session on Saving Trees

An independent group of community volunteers have formed a committee dedicated to working with the City of Surrey to save trees on public land in the Ocean Park area. The group is hosting a public information session this Thursday, September 29th at 7:30 pm at the Ocean Park Hall (1577 128th Street, Surrey). Details on the flyer.



Air Traffic Noise

The following letter was received by the OPCA from the Citizens for AircrAft Noise Solutions (SCAANS) members

While it has been some time since we last sent out an update, SCAANS members have continued to advocate the aircraft noise/overflight issues that still affect our community. We have made our concerns known through membership in the SATF (Surrey Airspace Task Force) and the efforts of our citizen representative on the ANMC (Aeronautical Noise Management Committee).

Following is the link to a YVR survey. Public input will be considered as YVR develops its draft 2037 Masterplan. The last day for submission is October 31, 2016

While planning for the future, the survey gives the opportunity to comment on issues of importance to us now. Question #12 asks us to rank the importance of various issues… namely to ‘minimize noise impacts to neighbouring communities’… which is definitely a priority in our community. The comment section also gives the chance to emphasize that ‘neighbouring communities’ should include impacted communities beyond the current 10nm limit. This is a point that has been in contention from the start and that SCAANS continues to advocate for.

NAVCanada ‘studies’ show that a large percentage of complaints regarding airspace changes drop over time. They count on this to validate their assertion that the noise/overflights are no longer an issue. However, we know that complaints drop as residents become frustrated with the lack of response to their concerns.

So, we ask you to please support our efforts and once more send a clear message that aircraft noise and overflights are still impacting our community. Many individuals sending complaints has a greater impact than numerous complaints from one person.

While WebTrak complaints are forwarded to Transport Canada (TC), we have discovered that by the time they are, the WebTrak data is often no longer available. We suggest that when you file a complaint through WebTrak you also contact Transport Canada. Indicate that aircraft noise/overflights are impacting you, and give the date and time of the disturbance, or even a particular time frame that was noisy. Unfortunately noise itself does not result in much action but the identification of low flying planes and overflights does.

Complaints can be sent to:

YVR…either to WebTrak or simply an email to

Transport Canada…there is no longer an email option so complaints now go to the Civil Aviation Centre 1-800-305-2059. Choose option 4 “report low flying aircraft”.

MP Dianne Watts…email or 604-542-9495. As the former mayor of Surrey she is well aware of the impact the flight changes have had on our community. She also sits on the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure, and Communities (TRAN).

SCAANS…please let us know when you submit a complaint so we can help ensure that they are being counted and addressed.

SCAANS is currently corresponding with a citizen’s group in Toronto who are working on the same issues. Our goal is to require NavCanada to report any proposed airspace changes to the Minister of Transportation prior to enacting them.

Thank you for your continued interest,

The SCAANS committee

LaRonde Development Open House

A notice of the public hearing for the Laronde Development at 13160 20th Ave (north of Laronde Elementary school) was issued to local residents surrounding the area last week. The public are invited to email the City Clerk ( or attend the meeting to learn more about the proposed development. Current concerns are the size of houses and lots and that the development is not in keeping with the surrounding neighbourhoods of Laronde, Amblegreen, Bridlewood, Huntington along with concerns of tree protection.







Re-zoning in Kwomais Park Neighbourhood Makes News

With the votes out for the proposed rezoning in area 2 of the Kwomais Park Neighbourhood, opponents and proponents have been making news with their take on what the proposal will mean for the neighbourhood. Read all about it here. 


Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 7.43.56 AM

Kwomais Park Update

In November 2015 the Ocean Park Community Association and members of the Ocean Park public met with the City of Surrey to discuss the additional parking lot and traffic changes coming to Kwomais Park.

During that meeting we were informed that the additional parking lot for Kwomais Park would be scaled down in size and would only be open during special events, like weddings. Another point that was made is the City is looking to use a surface material other than asphalt that could be used for other purposes when the parking lot is not in use. 

Do you spend time in Kwomais Park? And if so, what do you think the other purposes for this parking lot could be? We want to hear from you! Please email us at if you have any suggestions we can forward to the City of Surrey.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 4.56.31 PM

Update on Public Info Meeting for CD Zoning | Kwomais Point Zone 2

Wednesday night, December 9th was the CD Zoning Meeting for Area was held at the Ocean Park Hall. The group of residents leading the proposal will reconvene in the New Year with the City to make any amendments as there were some good recommendations to possibly improve the original proposal. There was also interest in looking at other creative ways to save the trees if the proposal passes.

Next steps: City meeting to make amendments to proposal; then a voting ballot will be mailed out to residents with changes.

If you are interested in learning more about the proposal please email




Downzoning Public Info Meeting December 9th

A public information meeting in regards to the re-zoning of Kwomais Point Zone 2 will take place on December 9th at 7:00 p.m. at the Ocean Park Hall in order to gauge the level of support for the proposal. The City of Surrey will be on hand as a resource and to answer any technical questions about draft rezoning provisions and respond to any questions about the rezoning process. 

Public Information Session for Community Orchard at Ocean Park Terrace

A group of local residents are looking to create a small community orchard at the site of Ocean Park Terrace in Ocean Park. The City of Surrey is facilitating a public information session at the Ocean Park Hall (1577 128th Street) on November 18 at 6:30 p.m. for the community to view proposed site plans and provide input into the proposal. If you are not able to attend in person you are still encouraged to submit your input through this online form and email it to


For more information please visit:

Ocean Park Terrace, located at 12815 22nd Avenue







Public Information Session for Kwomais Park and 128th Street and Marine Drive

Ted Ulrich and Kristen Tiede from the City of Surrey will host a public information session at the Ocean Park Hall (1577 128th Street) on Tuesday, November 24 at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the proposal for road changes to 128th Street and Marine Drive and additional parking to Kwomais Point Park. Please plan to attend if you have any questions about the proposal.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.57.41 AM

Trees + Ocean Park

There was a flurry of activity in regards to the development of three lots in Ocean Park and the removal of over 75 trees on the site. Frustrated residents are calling for an amendment to the tree bylaw for Ocean Park in order to protect existing old-growth trees in anticipation of new development in the area. If you would like to be put in touch with the newly constructed tree committee please email us.


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